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4 years ago

I`ve been wanting to post this since two weeks ago. Right when I saw the Grand Opening sign of the new CVS. I knew it was dangerous to go in. Haha! Don`t feel bad for me because I was just coming from a different CVS. Lol It was right when I got off from work. I drove down the street because I had a $3 ECB to use. Even though it wasn`t expired until June 19, 2012. I knew a CVS sale was going on so I knew I had to hit up every CVS on the block. I ended going to two CVS only. The first CVS I went to printed out FIVE COUPONS which had awesome deals especially a $5 ECB! How is that possible? I got one maybe a week ago eh? Oh well! I wasn`t complaining. Lol I didn`t see anything excited from the sale. Boo!

I drove to another CVS about 5 minutes away. Walking into the new CVS gave me the chills because it used to be the gas station I always pump my gas. Lol They rebuild everything! But yeah! I went to the magic machine and it printers FIVE MORE COUPONS! Say what? Ten coupons in one day? Geezums! I was so happy! Haha!

I didn`t see anything I like beside this product I`ve been looking for over a year or so! Post will be up! Anywho, right when I was leaving I spotted Physicians Formula products!!! What the fudge? These products do exist, but not all CVS has them. I remembered Lisa Le telling me Physicians Formula was having a sale deal. Spend $15, get $15 ECB back eh? Something like that.

This is when things got complicated! Lol. Okay I saw and read the sign saying the product is originally price at $19.29 right? You`ll get $15.00 ECB! The product will be $4.29 after the ECB situation. Since I had to $8 worth of ECB I knew I would get this for free. When I went to go check out my total came out to be .16 cents for two products. With that two products it could`ve been at least $23.00+. When I got my receipt I realized I didn`t get $15 back! I kept questioning myself is this a mistake? On the receipt it said I used $5, $1.81 worth of ECBs. I asked myself where is the $1.81 coming from because I gave the guy the $5, $3 ECBs. With all the confusion I realized the product was on sale for $4.29 and you won`t get $15 because it was on sale. Lame! Lol Sorry about the long post. I get carried away. Eeeek!

I ended picking up the Physician Formula in Hydrating & Balancing Moisturizer. I`ve been looking for a good moisturizer for my face. I wanted the other one, but it was sold out! Boo! This product is made for people who have skin concern of a moisture balance. It does have SPF 15. In a Formula of Rx211. I can`t believe I bought this for only 8 cents.

Original: $19.29
Saved: $15.00
Sale: $4.29
ECB: $8.00
Final price: .16 cents... .08 cents. :)

1. Did you take the advantage of this great sale?

2. What do you use for your ECBS?

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