#03. How to make: Pizza Cones

01. Pick your dough.
Either follow your favourite homemade recipe or buy some premade.

02. Roll out your dough, on a flat surface, first dust the surface and dough with flour so it will not stick. Make it as thin as possible without the possibility of it tearing, make the dough a shape that is large enough to cut two reasonable sized semi-circles out of.

03. Cut out two semi-circles and then `pre-cook` (for a minute and two) so dough is warm.

04. Get pre-assembled cone mould-eg http://www.polyvore.com/pizza_cones/thing?id=45397518. Or you can probably purchase one from a craft store.

05. While dough is still hot (immediately after the `pre-cooking`) form a cone, pinch bottom so there`s no gap and it`s secured together, allow to cool.

06. Fill your cone with your desired pizza toppings and sauce, to achieve best outcome, mix all pizza toppings together in a large mixing bowl before and then pour in.

07. Bake. The dough will finish cooking here and your ingredients will cook/melt.

08. Enjoy!

*I haven`t tried this recipe myself so if anyone does, tell me how it turns out!

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