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Chanel Ring

I don`t know how you all feel about this but it`s love at first sight for me! Then again, it`s a biased opinion cause I love almost all the Chanels. ...

6 years ago 8 1.20 6

Shia LeBeouf

This is my favourite picture of Shia LeBeouf. I`ve watched him since Even Stevens and he has really come a long way! My favourite show of his would be...

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Banana Shoes

Have you seen such shoes? I think they are cool, but totally impractical and not for real everyday wear! It would be fun to see it going down a runway...

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Mirrored Shoes

I found this photo in one of my folders and thought of sharing :) These look pretty! I would love to own one of them. But it looks very uncomfortable...

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Hole in the ground?

I don`t recall where I got this picture from, it was in one of my folders but wow! What do you think? I was once very obsessed with such paintings. Is...