Name: Millou .,
Country: Belgium
Education: Graphic Design

About: I`m a 20-something girl who likes beauty amp fashion related things (what a surprise). Loves food, cooking and eating. Oh, did I mention I love toys... Gundams in particulary?

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4 years ago 7 0.10 1

Fashionable Band-Aid

For all you fashionistas. If you ever cut yourself, instead of those hideous band-aids you can put on one of these fashionable band-aids. There are...

4 years ago 2 0.00 0

Food T-shirts?

As a design student my greatest weakness when looking at products is the packaging. I can buy some pretty useless things as long as the packaging is...

4 years ago 3 0.10 1

Animal Calendars

Are you looking for calendars for 2011? Yes, I know it`s only Octobre, but look at these cute animal calendars! Each months is a certain animal. All...

4 years ago 10 2.70 27

Shrink Wrap T-Shirt from...

I saw this cube at Muji. At first I didn`t know what it was, until I looked closer and saw that it was a T-shirt! In a cube!! The cube wasn`t bigger...

4 years ago 9 0.40 4

Extraordinary T-shirt...

I found some pictures of some cool, funny and weird t-shirts on my computer. I never knew I stocked up so many random pictures on my computer... Guess...

4 years ago 4 0.60 6

Interesting Glassware

I was cleaning up my "random" folder on my computer and found these pictures. I thought they looked quite interesting and decided to share...

4 years ago 3 0.50 5

Flux Folding Chair

This chair is designed by Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten, the founders of Flux (a Dutch design company). It is made from just one piece of recyclable...

4 years ago 7 0.00 0

Exceptional Sunglasses

Ever saw these exceptional glasses? They are designed by a Parisian designer, Dzmitry Samal. His designs are a mix of futuristic and retro elements. ...

4 years ago 0 0.00 0

Simon`s Cat in Cat Chat!!

I`m pretty sure a lot of you have heard of Simon`s Cat. He finally made a new video! I love watching his videos, even if they`re short they really do...

4 years ago 3 0.30 3

Carrie Chau

I posted this a while ago on my blog, but I thought this might be a better way to expose this wonderful designer to a broader audience. I don`t know...

4 years ago 15 0.00 0

Logged in as Someone Else?

I was just wondering if this is only happening to me. When I go to the first page of all the new posts, I`m logged in as another member. This is...

4 years ago 19 0.00 0

LED eyelashes?

I was watching some youtube videos just now and came across this video. LED eyelashes, I`m not sure how comfortable they are or how good you`ll be...

4 years ago 4 0.00 0

Tea Party with the Rich...

Always wanted a tea party with the rich and famous? Donkey Products, a German design label, came up with tea bags featuring celebrities,...

4 years ago 12 0.10 1

Exeptional Shoe Designs

I was going through some magazines and saw these exeptional shoe designs. My first thought was "Wow, how... creative?", my second thought...

4 years ago 19 1.00 8

Miffy Nijntje Lamp

Ok, I know there are a lot of girls on here. And most of you girls are probably like me, love cutesy things... I just wanted to share this very cute...

4 years ago 6 0.00 0

6mm USB drive

LaCie brought the LaCie MosKeyto on to the market. It is a tiny USB drive, with only 6mm sticking out when inserted to your computer! It can be bought...

4 years ago 7 0.00 0

Shoe Heaven at Selfridges

A pair of Havaianas, or a pair of Louboutins, what about Chanel or Topshop? Where can you find all those different brands of shoes in one place? At...

4 years ago 1 0.00 0

Nailpolish from 17

This brand is targeted at teenager, so the price is quite cheap. The formula isnt that outstanding, but hey you get what you pay for, right? I believe...

4 years ago 0 0.40 3

Review: Sana Konuka Bubble...

Even though this cleanser is from the same line as the Sana Konuka Milky Lotion, I have to say I dont really like this product. This product is too...

4 years ago 1 0.30 3

Review: Sana Konuka Milky...

The texture of the lotion is more on the liquid/watery side. What I like about this lotion is that my skin absorbs it immediately. This lotion is very...