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Only Hope Cover (:

This is a cover i made (: i hope you visit my channel & subscrbe/comment PLEASE :D ahaha, if i need something to improve on please tell me so i...

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Lady Gaga plagiarism?!

WHAT A SHAME ! Lady Gaga copied SNSD`s song! if you listen to the two songs, you can cleary hear that they are both very similiar! I didn`t believe...

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Aquaphor :D

I was on youtbe looking at beauty tips & i came across this one channel :...

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Cute Asian Style Boots )

I was browsing online on http://Yesstyle.com and I saw these really cute boots! :) They are so cute, but they are very expensive. They are like 90$ plus...

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Cute Asian Style Purse (

This is the CUTEST purse i`ve seen in a while x) This purse is $98.... comes in BLACK and has two different sizes (; one- the picture above and the...

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Cute Bow Headphone (

I really want this headphone ! IT`S SOOOO CUTE x3 ahahaha, it`s like a hair band that plays music ;) hehehehe But it`s 40 dollars and i don`t think...

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Cute Asian Style Shirt (:

I thought this was a cute shirt & i wanted one ! soooo This shirt is $25, material : made of cotton, it comes in WHITE. you can wash this by the...

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Pretty Asian Style Skirt...

This skirt is from South Korea & somes in BLACK & CREAM sizes : S: Waist 72cm, Total Length 44cm M: Waist 76cm, Total Length 44cm Material...

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*NOT MY PICTURE* The Tallest Model in the World is a American Model who is 6feet 8inches >-< that`s tooo tall.. she`s 31 years old and her name...

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When you see a cute guy ..

*PICTURE NOT MINE* When you see a cute guy.. what do you do? I just stand there wishing that guy was a part of my life. >3< pretty sad.....

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Miss America :D

* IMAGE FROM GOOGLE * I couldn`t find a picture of the New Miss America (; who was a Miss Nevada, just a few minutes ago ! Now she will become a...

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Weird Looking Shoes :P

*picture NOT mine* gahh, these shoes just looks WRONG.. why the hell would you where THESE weird shoes unless it`s Halloween or unless your Lady...

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Cutest Food (:

* picture from Google (: * everytime i look at these ADORABLE foods.. i think "WHY CAN`T I MAKE THAT?!?!?!" haha, i really don`t understand...

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Ferrero Rocher lt3

OOHHH MYYY. just by looking at this makes me wanna jump in that pyramid of FERRERO ROCHER <3 It`s my FAVORITE chocolate ever ! lol it kinda taste...

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YouTube (:

YouTube.. YouTube.. YOUTUBE ! i love watching video`s on YouTube ! LOL soo my favorite Youtube Video`s are 1. Nigahiga 2. Kevjumba 3. Wong Fu...

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Korean Dish - DDUK BOK GI...

*words from the source link* Dduk Bok Gi is a Korean dish made from rice cakes, fish cakes, pepper paste, and meat. It can be eaten by itself as a...

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Yummy Muffins !

who loves muffins?! I DO ! I DO ! hahaha, Muffins always makes me drool all over the place by just looking at them ! haha, i love the banana nut,...

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Korean Dramas ^^

These are some Korean Dramas I am watching right now (: I really love watching Korean Drama`s although it can be corny and things.. it`s really cute,...

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KIMYUNA <3 was born on September 5, 1990, Born in South Korea (: She`s 164cm tall, her coah Peter Oppegard, I don`t know if he got fired or not.....

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Cute cups :3

*not my picture* THIS CUP.. is sooooo freakin ADORABLE :D haha, i saw these in a store but i forgot where it was.. so does anybody know where i can...