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9.22.2014 Spring Rolls

This is one of my favorite quick bites when I am craving vegetables. I love packing my spring rolls with handfuls of asian herbs and vegetables,...

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9.20.2014 Makeup Products

I had a pretty busy weekend with a handful of birthday gatherings. Love birthdays and parties because it gives me to opportunity to dig in my makeup...

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Cocktail Hour

Nothing us better than getting a fee girls together on a Friday night. We love enjoyingba few bottles of wine with some snacks while chatting the...

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IT Cosmetics CC Cream

I have been on a CC kick lately, and it`s all because of IT Cosmetics. They are quite the brand, and I am loving every one of their products that I...

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Fall Lips

I usually skip the lips when it comes to my makeup routine, only because I think it`s so much work keeping the color look fresh and polished. ...

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9.17.2014 Breakfast

I had a bit of a sweet tooth this morning, so I stead of going for that amazing donut (which I really really wanted) I put together a bowl of fresh...

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Neutrogena Rapid Clear...

I don`t really have problematic skin, but occasional I do get those annoying hormonal breakouts around my chin area around that special time of the...

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Korean Lollipop Chicken

My older brother has really grown into quite the cook lately, and I am loving it! We are a lot alike where we live to experiment with our restaurant...

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9.14.2014 Baking Cupcakes

Nothing`s more relaxing and fun than gathering with friends and family, enjoying a few drinks accompanied with some amazon home baked goodies. My...

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Vitamins and Fish Oil

With staying active and the cold season creeping up, I am always sure to take my daily vitamin and fish oil pulls to keep my immune system staying...

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MAC Paint Pots

I was doing a little bit of Fall organizing today and came across some old favorites in my collection. I had forgotten how much I use to live these...

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Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip

If you have been following my posts for a while you will know that Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favorite everyday handbag designer. I love how edgy...

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IT Cosmetics CC Veil

This is honestly my favorite on the go make up refresher. O have a few long days during the week where I am out for 10+ hours of the day, and no...

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9.7.2014 Breakfast

It`s Steak and Eggs! Oh and hash browns and pumpkin pancakes! Haha yeah we went a little all out that morning because we were starving, but we shared...

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MacBook Air

It is finally time for an upgrade and boy am I excited. Its like a kid on Christmas Day! My old MacBook Pro finally died on me after being so great...

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Ciate Glitter Polishes

My current obsession has to be Ciate polishes. I absolutely love their color selection and just the quality is amazing. Although they come at a high...

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American Wildburger

This is officially my new favorite place in Des Plaines, IL to eat. Not only do they have amazing burgers, but they are graasfed burgers (no GMOs!)....

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Hot Tea

I don`t get sick often, but when I do it really hits me hard. Worse symptoms I usually get are migraines along with bad coughs and sore throat. Making...

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8.22.2014 Breakfast

There`s nothing like homemade breakfast to start your morning off. I love prepping breakfast at home for myself and my friends. Its so easy and so...

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8.22.2014 Outfit Grid

So over the weekend I decided to dress up and enjoy the city. So before actually getting dressed I took a picture of an o fit grid of what I planned...