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Hot Tea

I don`t get sick often, but when I do it really hits me hard. Worse symptoms I usually get are migraines along with bad coughs and sore throat. Making...

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8.22.2014 Breakfast

There`s nothing like homemade breakfast to start your morning off. I love prepping breakfast at home for myself and my friends. Its so easy and so...

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8.22.2014 Outfit Grid

So over the weekend I decided to dress up and enjoy the city. So before actually getting dressed I took a picture of an o fit grid of what I planned...

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I had picked these EcoTools brushes up from Ulta a few months back, but I finally got to take them out and use them, and boy are they amazing! I...

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3D Crest White

3D Crest White is definitely my go to toothpaste. I know not many people think about toothpaste brand, and they are all the same. However, with the...

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Queen Helene Mint Julep...

This product goes way back, but you may not recognize the packaging now because it got a face lift. The well-known Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque has...

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Venus Gilette Razors

I am all about stocking up on razor refills when I see great value packages of them. I tend to pick up razors and body washes by the bulk and at...

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IT Cosmetics Haul

As of lately, I have been really exploring and falling in love with products from the IT Cosmetics brand (which can be found in Ulta). I didn`t...

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Paleo Granola

On long days I have to remember to pack nice snacks to have on hand because there`s absolutely no time to leave a few times to grab actual food. A...

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Juice Beauty Green Apple...

I am obsessed with peels as I am with masks. There`s no better feeling than giving yourself an at home facial treatment, and peels and masks really...

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Juice Beauty Blemish...

With stubborn skin, I have been trying out a few new products for the past few months to see what has been working for my sudden hormonal breakout. ...

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Target Bikini Tops

It`s August and I am not reay to let go of summer. So while roaming around Target, of course I found myself browsing through their clothing section. ...

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Italian Sub

Even while trying to stay healthy, Sundays are definitely days I treat myself to a craving I may have. I love visiting the fresh Farmer`s Market...

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Walgreen`s Haul

I wal d into Walgreen`s and saw that a dew of the skin care brands had a BOGO promotion going on, and I just couldn`t resist. - St. Ives - Biore -...

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DMK Burger Bar

Burger bars have really taken over this past summer, and DMK in Lakeview is one of my favorite spots. Honestly I don`t enjoy fast food burgers anymore...

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Roasted Lamb and Veggies

I was feeling a little fancy last night and prepped this awesome dinner for a friend and myself. I live me some lamb, so when I saw it at the grocery...

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8.7.2014 Spa Night

I tend to my skin and hair every day, but once a week I try to really pamper it with my favorites. This just makes long weeks feel better and makes...

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Henri Bendel

I am obsessed with Henri Bendel jewelry pieces. They really know how to make a casual girl want to look glammed up even on an ordinary day. I...

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Veggie Snacks

How do I make sure I am keeping healthy throughout the day?? I make sure to keep things colorful. Cutting up beautiful peppers and other vegetables...

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It Cosmetics CC+ Veil

These CC compacts have really become a trend this summer, and they are showing up just about everywhere. With their official appearance in Asian...