Name: Eve Nguyen,
Country: United States
Education: Na

About: I am a college student majoring in the sciences, but I also have a deep passion for fashion and beauty. I love sharing new products reviews and discussing new trends of the season. I especially love reading other blogs and getting tips and advice on what works.

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Bachelorette OOTN

Bachelorette outings are quite fun. Any reason to get fancied up with a great group of girls is ok in my book. For this evening out, we had our...

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This is for the 21+ readers. A fun cocktail to make with your girl friends when you`re having a party, weekend getaway, or just a fun night in are...

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Beef Brisket

Brisket has to be my favorite cut of meat. It`s always my go to order if I am at a bbq restaurant. So on my recent trip to Nashville, TN I knew I...

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Go Smile Whitening Pen

When I came across this Go Smile Whitening Pen in the travel section at Ulta, I became very curious. I have heard great things about the Go Smile...

2 weeks ago 4 1.80 12

Marianos Chocolate

Chocolate has to be my weakness. I love anything dark chocolate (love the bitterness of it). And one of the places I love to stop by is Marianos, ...

2 weeks ago 6 3.60 22

Umami Sushi

Looking for one of the most popular places for delicious all you can eat sushi in the city? Umami Sushi is now one of my new favorite spots. My girl...

3 weeks ago 6 3.30 20

Zoya Blu

Spring is here! Well technically it is here but we still have a few cold days during the week here in the city. I love embracing the Spring season...

3 weeks ago 4 2.25 15

Honey Chicken and Roasted...

And for dinner tonight.... We have honey baked chicken which is a quick, easy bake in the oven. I simply took a few chicken breasts and seasoned...

3 weeks ago 2 1.20 8

Slim Sonic Toothbrush

One thing I always make sure to have with me in my bag, is a travel size toothbrush. Yes, this is an absolute must for me! With long days and...

3 weeks ago 0 1.95 12

Soft Curls

As my hair is continuing to get longer, I`ve been more into curling my hair. I never use to like curling my hair because I though it just made me...

3 weeks ago 2 2.10 13

Roasted Lamb with Mashed...

Sometimes a girl needs to just dress up and go out for a fancy dinner, even if it`s in the middle of the week. I love randomly calling up friends to...

3 weeks ago 4 1.35 9

OPI - The Thrill Of Brazil

Continuing with my latest obsession with red polishes, I decided to bring out another OPI favorite of mine, The Thrill Of Brazil. Now don`t confuse...

3 weeks ago 2 1.80 12

Eggs and Avocados

On my mornings off, I try to treat myself to a really great breakfast. I am up and at the gym at 5:30am almost every day of the week, so getting to...

3 weeks ago 6 1.50 10

Tree Hut Body Scrub

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it`ll be time for cute dresses. Now is the time of the year I try to take better care of my legs,...

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Salad Bar

No choice but to go out somewhere for lunch? Skip the fast food windows and go straight to your local grocery store for their salad bar. For me, it`s...

3 weeks ago 2 2.25 14

Porkchops and Eggs

Nothing better than a protein filled lunch. I tend to be starving by lunch time, so it`s the best time for me to have a large meal filled with all of...

4 weeks ago 2 1.50 9

OPI Quarter Of A...

The classic red, my very first red polish ever, is OPI`s Quarter Of A Cent-Cherry. This is one of the most beautiful red polishes I have ever seen...

4 weeks ago 0 2.25 14

Baked Tilapia with Mango...

It`s fish Fridays during the Lent season, so I baked up some delicious tilapia for lunch today. I prefer baking my fish because it`s so quick and...

1 month ago 4 4.35 28

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

My latest snack obsession: Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon! I honestly cannot get enough of these and have been enjoying them not only as a side...

1 month ago 2 2.25 15

Calamari Appetizer

A full dish of Fried Calamari for lunch? Don`t mind if I do! I usually don`t order fried calamari unless we are at a seafood restaurant, but after...