3 days ago 2 2.40 8

Foundation Application

My favorite way applying application is with by using a mixing palette as my prep area and a sponge wedge. It keeps everything clean and provides a...

3 days ago 2 1.80 6

Winters at the Lake

Winters in the Midwest can be pretty harsh and gloomy. However, the wonders of nature are just beautiful if you find the right spots. I love being in...

5 days ago 4 2.70 9

1.23. 2015 Sushi!

Sushi nights are the best! I have a tight group of girls that I love to catch up with food and wine, and sushi is one our favorites! Literally 4...

2 weeks ago 4 2.40 8

1.17.2015 Pork chops and...

Dinner was ful of protein on this day. Paired my favorite Vietnamese marinated pork chops with a side of sliced hard boiled eggs. One of my favorite...

2 weeks ago 8 3.90 13

1.15.2015 Potbellies

It`s definitely been ages since I`ve had a meal here. But because of my more intense workout schedule I can afford to splurge on a sandwich or two...

2 weeks ago 10 4.20 14

The Body Shop Seaweed...

I have been going months without using a toner in my skin care routine, mainly because it`s a step I can usually skip in the Winter. However, because...

2 weeks ago 4 1.80 6

1.12.2015 Roasted Beef

Stuck in cold weather I can`t really prep my meats on the grill like I prefer, however the slow cooker is a great way to get your protein full of...

2 weeks ago 6 5.10 17

Sorel Tivoli High II Boots

Can you believe these are the first ever pair of Winter boots I`ve ever owned?! Haha yes I have waited this long to purchase Winter Boots for the...

2 weeks ago 6 5.10 17

Haul - The Body Shop

It`s been a while since I have picked up some skincare products, and The Body Shop skin care is definitely new to me. I was around the mall and...

2 weeks ago 6 2.10 7

1.10.2015 Blaze Pizza

A new spot for me, located in Skokie, IL (Old Orchard Mall). Because who doesn`t love pizza?! We went to check out Blaze Pizza and tried their gluten...

3 weeks ago 6 3.30 11

1.9.2015 Chicken and...

Chicken doesn`t have to be boring. My favorite is to lightly bread the chicken, flash fry for that crispy skin, and finish off in the oven. Gives it...

3 weeks ago 7 4.80 16

Chicken and Waffles

Couldn`t go to Texas and not have any chicken and waffles! This has to be the best chicken and waffles I have ever had, and I am definitely not...

3 weeks ago 4 3.60 12

Choco Tacos!

Anyone remember when Taco Bell use to serve up these bad boys?! I use to be addicted to these, and while we were in Austin they came up in...

4 weeks ago 4 3.00 10

Salt Lick Austin, TX

Looking for great BBQ and quality meats and sausages in Texas??? Salt Lick is the way to go! I come here whenever I come down south and I am never...

4 weeks ago 7 7.20 24

12.28.2014 Dried Noodles

If you are ever in the Houston, Texas area I am telling you this is the one and only place you have to check out if you are in to Asian Noodles. I am...

4 weeks ago 6 3.30 11

12.26.2015 Prime Rib Hash

Breakfast food and brunch is one of my favorite things to have, and Austin, Texas really knows their breakfast food. Southh Congress cafe in Austin...

1 month ago 6 3.60 12

Velour Lashes

The one beauty step I always skip are lashes. I honestly hate wearing mascara or falsies because I can`t stand the clean up and removal part of it. ...

1 month ago 7 10.80 36

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are definitely a huge trend nowadays, and you find people dishing out the big bucks to find the most creative ones. In my...

1 month ago 6 2.40 8

12.24.2014 Christmas Eve...

Lately, I think my trend has gone for the more minimalistic or solid look when it comes to outfits. I have a hard time committing to prints, but I...

1 month ago 4 2.40 8

F21 Faux Leather Slip Ons

These shoes have definitely been a growing trend this past Fall, and I really hope they hold up because I am loving my new flat slip ons. I have been...